When You're Cursed by Clutter: 6 Health Reasons It's Finally Time You Emptied Your Home


Many people suffer from 'I may one day need it' syndrome. They horde and stack things like takeaway menus, old envelopes, newspapers and cards from long forgotten events. They fill drawers, cupboards and wardrobes with items that they tell themselves they may one day need, even though deep down they know they probably won't. Children as well as adults can be affected by clutter. A recent survey of parents in the UK revealed that parents waste thousands of pounds on toys that their children barely play with--because they already have too many toys as it is. 

If your home has been taken over by clutter, and you often struggle to locate things amidst the mess, it's probably time for you to accept that most of what you continue to keep will never be used again. And it is bad for your health. 

It's a Fire Hazard

This is the most obvious risk to your health. Stacks of paper piled on surfaces and hanging out of drawers creates a trail of fuel for a rampaging fire. It might take dozens of black bin bags to finish the job, but it's in your best interests to dispose of these fire hazards once and for all.

You May Develop Allergies to Dust and Mould

Shelves and surfaces stacked high with paper items and books you may never pick up again can cause a buildup of dust, mould and allergens. Static items attract dust like human skin cells, pet dander and debris brought in from outside. Dust mites thrive in these built up areas and, together with dust and mould, can worsen the symptoms of asthma and allergies.

Grab some black bags and furniture polish and do away with the dust.

Your Stress Levels are Increased

The average American home contains 300,000 items. Can you imagine trying to locate something in all that clutter? The thought alone causes stress. You are also constantly plagued by the feeling that you should really do a spring clean sooner rather than later, but somehow that 'sooner' never arrives. 

Because you're always searching for things lost among the clutter, you are probably always in a hurry. This only increases stress levels. 

Pests are Attracted to Clutter

Pests just love a home that is filled with junk. Cockroaches, termites and spiders thrive when there are lots of dark, cool, moist areas where they can breed and feed undetected. Deprive them of their habitat and they'll leave you alone. 

You are Unable to Focus 100% on the Present

When you are constantly anchored to the past by clutter from months or years ago, it's hard to focus on the time that is most important--the present. 

Free up your home and your mind by clearing away the clutter. You may be surprised at just how much there is once it's piled high in your front yard. If there are dozens of bags and you don't have the time or the means to transport them to a local waste depot, call for rubbish removals, and one day soon you can arrive home from work to an empty yard, an uncluttered home and a clear conscience. 


11 January 2017

Easy-to-open garbage bins

My grandma is a pretty independent older lady and she doesn't like to ask for help from anyone. I noticed that she was having trouble emptying the rubbish bins at her house so I started looking around for some models that are easier to operate for people with shaky hands. She likes to be able to keep up her housework without having to call us so it works out really well when we can find items she can use herself. This blog will be useful for anyone who is looking to find garbage bins that are easy to use and stand up to wear and tear.