Common Misconceptions Surrounding Skip Bin Hire


Waste production is part of modern life; hence, rubbish removal from households, offices, project sites and other areas is crucial for hygienic and safety reasons. Efficient waste removal requires the right facilities, with skip bins being a critical component. Notably, every property manager should hire a skip bin to create a clean and healthy environment. However, skip bin hire is surrounded by myths, which affect usage. This article highlights common misconceptions about skip bins and the corresponding facts.

Only Private Companies Hire Skip Bins 

A typical myth about skip bin hire is that only private companies rent out the containers. Consequently, most property managers use the services of private skip bin hire firms. Of course, the service providers offer exceptional packages; however, it is worth pointing out that local councils also provide skip bin hire services. Council-owned skip bin rentals are operated by the local government and are ideal for new properties. Besides, the rates are subsidised because waste management is a government service. Therefore, if you are shopping for skip bin hire services, include council-owned skip bins in your list.

Skip Bin Hire Is Slow to Innovation 

When people look at the skip bin hire business, they imagine that the sector does not concern itself with innovation. However, nothing could be further from the truth because skip bin services understand that innovation is the best way to enhance waste removal efforts. In fact, skip bin providers have enjoyed their fair share of innovation over the last couple of years. For instance, developments such as compacting bins have been a game-changer for service providers due to the increased capacity to handle the waste. Other innovations like self-sorting bins and monitoring systems have also improved efficiency in skip bin hire.

Skip Bin Hire Is Expensive 

Skip bin hire costs money like any other service, but the amount you pay depends on factors such as size, rental period and distance between a pick-up point and a landfill/recycling plant. Therefore, if you hire a big container for an extended period and your property is far away from a landfill, you will pay more than a client renting a small bin for a short period. However, even if you hire a big container for an extended period, you can still keep the costs significantly low. For example, you can ensure that tenants break waste into small pieces and maintain a flat bottom. Alternatively, you can hire council-owned skip bins due to the subsidised rates.

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4 October 2021

Easy-to-open garbage bins

My grandma is a pretty independent older lady and she doesn't like to ask for help from anyone. I noticed that she was having trouble emptying the rubbish bins at her house so I started looking around for some models that are easier to operate for people with shaky hands. She likes to be able to keep up her housework without having to call us so it works out really well when we can find items she can use herself. This blog will be useful for anyone who is looking to find garbage bins that are easy to use and stand up to wear and tear.