What are the types of waste that can be deposited in skip bins?


Waste management is one of the most uncontrollable issues all over the world as the global population continues to rise as well as the development of urban cities. This growth of cities and people has a direct impact on waste disposal, as it results in increased levels of waste being disposed of. However, with the advancement of new technologies and more effective waste disposal methods, the waste management issue has now been controlled to some degree.

15 February 2017

Five Things You Shouldn't Put In Skip Bins & Why


Hiring a skip bin and seeing a big empty metal box sitting on your front lawn for days on end can make it tempting to throw anything and everything you don't need any more in there, but it's important that you heed any warnings of the supplier and not put any prohibited goods in the bin. While there is a long list of things you probably shouldn't put in skip bins, there's a shorter one of things that you shouldn't put in skip bins.

17 January 2017

When You're Cursed by Clutter: 6 Health Reasons It's Finally Time You Emptied Your Home


Many people suffer from 'I may one day need it' syndrome. They horde and stack things like takeaway menus, old envelopes, newspapers and cards from long forgotten events. They fill drawers, cupboards and wardrobes with items that they tell themselves they may one day need, even though deep down they know they probably won't. Children as well as adults can be affected by clutter. A recent survey of parents in the UK revealed that parents waste thousands of pounds on toys that their children barely play with--because they already have too many toys as it is.

11 January 2017